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Competition Rules & Regulations

The Seventh Rosalyn Tureck International Bach Competition is to be held:
2025 in New York City


1. The Competition welcomes pianists aged 8-28 from the world over who pursue the musical ideals espoused by the late Rosalyn Tureck.


2. The Competition repertoire consists of categories 1 to 8. Please use only Urtext editions. In addition to the Repertoire below, each contestant is to perform a Contemporary Composition: a work of up to 10 min. length, composed in or after 1950. Should a contestant apply to compete in several repertoire categories, including the Recital, the Recital program is not to include works submitted in other categories. Applicants in Category 8 are exempt from the Contemporary Composition requirement.


The repertoire for each category is listed separately.
See REPERTOIRE details here


Please note: Categories VII and VIII are open to Contestants aged 15-28.



Category I: Short Preludes, Preludes and Fugues, Fantasies. Contestants aged 8-12.


Category II: Inventions, Sinfonias, (select one Invention and one Sinfonia). Contestants up to age 15.


Category III: Well Tempered Clavier. See REPERTOIRE. Open to contestants up to age 20.


Category IV: divided by repertoire/ age limit (see REPERTOIRE):

                 A.  Contestants up to age 20

                 B.  Contestants up to age 28


Category V:  Contestants up to age 20


Category VI: Contestants up to age 28


Category VII:  Recital up to 50 minutes long (Ages 15-28)


Category VIII: Goldberg Variations (Ages 15-28)


3.  During their competition performances contestants may be stopped by the jury.


4. All the repeats in Variations, French Overture, Partitas, and Suites are obligatory.


5. The entire program -- including the contemporary work -- is to be performed from memory.


6.  Contestants should be available and willing to perform earlier or later than their assigned time.


7.  Contestants should be prepared to to perform the same program during the qualifying semi-final as well as final rounds.


8. The names of the finalists will be announced at the conclusion of each qualifying round.


9.  The decisions by the jury are final. Ties among contestants are allowed.


10.  The names of Competition Winners will be announced after the final round.  The prizes -- the Competition Medal, cash awards, and diplomas -- will be awarded at the final Gala concert.


11.  All the winners are required to participate at the Awards Ceremony. Each winner will receive two complimentary tickets to the final Gala winners concert.


12.  Contestants, parents, and teachers are prohibited from a personal contact with judges prior to and during the competition.


13. Participants consent to any audio or video recordings. Recordings made during the competition  remain the property of the Tureck International Bach Competition.




Evgeny Kissin Grand Prize/ Steinway Recital Award


The Kern Foundation "Aspiration" Award


Award for the Best Performance of a Contemporary Work


Rosalyn Tureck Bach Competition Prizes:


Category 1      $350

Category 2      $500

Category 3      $800

Category 4/A  $1,000

                 4/B  $1,500

Category 5      $1,500

Category 6      $1,500

Category 7      $2,000

Category 8      $3,000

Foreign Applicants: Please consult your nearest US Consulate for a visa advice. The Tureck International Bach Competition will send you an official letter of invitation.

Application Deadline: Must be received no later than TBA

Applicants must pay a non-refundable competition entrance fee of  US $180. Each additional category – US $60.

The payment may be executed via Paypal by using your Visa or Mastercard


Applicants encountering difficulties using PayPal --  kindly send us a message to

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