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Special Note:

We are accepting completed applications via email at, with a PayPal payment.

Tureck International Bach Competition
P.O. Box 230851

New York City, NY 10023 USA


All electronic applications must be received by no later than TBA

Applications should be accompanied by:


1. Photograph: A good quality head shot digital  photograph (300dpi and higher), suitable for publicity purposes, which should be uploaded on the online application form.

2. A Signed Recommendation Letter: From a current teacher, or musician of international standing, uploaded on PDF file.


3. Proof of Age: Scanned  applicants  passport.


4. Curriculum Vitae: Details of musical education (schools, teachers, received awards, participation in masterclasses, up to 200 words biography.


5. A recent, unedited, excellent quality video recording, uploaded to a u tube. The recording is required to be marked with the name of the applicant, timed repertoire and category,  containing the Bach repertoire that the contestant intends to perform at the competition. The specified repertoire for each category must be consulted with the repertoire list.

Contemporary work is not required in the recording.


6. A non refundable:  Electronic Bank Transfer or Paypal payment to Tureck International Bach Competition, Inc.  of one hundred eighty U.S.  Dollars ($180) for registration and participation for one category. Each additional category participation - sixty  U.S. Dollars ($60)


Application Deadline: 7th Competition Deadline no later than April 5, 2022

Please send the completed application and the Youtube recording to:

Golda Vainberg-Tatz

Tureck International Bach Competition for Pianists 

Application (PDF)


The payment may be executed via Paypal with your Visa or Mastercard

Any bank charges/fees are the responsibility of the applicants and should not be deducted from entrance fee.


Applicants encountering difficulties using PayPal --  kindly send us a message to

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