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Jeffrey Swann (USA)

Chairman of the Jury

Michael Charry (USA)

Pavlina Dokovska (Bulgaria/USA)
Olga Kern (Russia/USA)

Emanuel Krasovsky (Israel)

Vivian T. Chiu (USA)

Jose Ramos Santana (Puerto Rico)

Doug Sheldon (USA)

Dr. Marc Silverman (USA)


EVGENY KISSIN GRAND PRIZE / Steinway & Sons Recital Award:

Tony Siqi Yun (Canada)


The Kern Foundation "Aspiration" Award

Matthew Chang (USA)


Outstanding Competitor from The Juilliard School shared by:
Tony Siqi Yun and Rolando Antonio Alejandro


Contemporary Music Award

Tony Siqi Yun


Category I - Short Preludes and Fugues:

Rosalyn Tureck Prize - Matthew Chang (US)

Category II - Inventions, Sinfonias, Duets:

Rosalyn Tureck Prizes - Andrew Gu, Matthew Chang (US)

Honorable Mention - Ava Zihan Gao (US)


Category III - Preludes and Fugues:

Rosalyn Tureck Prize - Atom Kiron Tellian  (Austria)


Category IV - Suites, Partitas, French Overture:

Rosalyn Tureck First Prize - Kiron Atom Tellian  (Austria)

Rosalyn Tureck Second Prize - Rolando Antonio Alejandro (Puerto Rico)

Rosalyn Tureck Third Prize - Julia Yin Zhou (US)


Category V - Various Works:

Honorable Mention - Lucie Taerim Kim  (US)


Category VI - Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue, Italian Concerto, Sonatas:

Rosalyn Tureck Prize - Kiron Atom Tellian (Austria)   


Category VII - Recital

Rosalyn Tureck Prize - Tony Siqi Yun ( Canada)


Category VIII - The Goldberg Variations:

Rosalyn Tureck Prize  — Matthew Figel (USA)

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