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Rosalyn Tureck (1914-2003) was one of the greatest musical artists of the 20th Century. Her brilliant, dedicated performances of the music of Johann Sebastian Bach were informed by the depth of her insight. Although she performed Bach on a wide variety of keyboard instruments (clavichord, harpsichord, organ, and even the Moog Synthesizer), her trail-blazing performances of Bach on the piano were an inspiring influence on generations of pianists who followed.

Keyboard artist, teacher, conductor, scholar, author, and lecturer, Dr. Tureck founded the International Bach Society in New York City in 1966 and the Tureck Bach Institute in 1981 to promote research and performance of Bach’s music. In Oxford, England in 1993, she founded the Tureck Bach Research Foundation, from which she resigned in 2000. Upon her return to New York in 2001 she reconstituted the Tureck Bach Institute as the Tureck Bach Research Institute. Its purposes include making grants and awards for research and performance of the music of J. S. Bach, and promoting the publication of Dr. Tureck’s scholarly writings. 


Dr. Tureck supported the establishment of the Tureck International Bach Competition for Pianists, directed by her former student Golda Vainberg-Tatz.

8th Competition to be held in NYC 2025


(1914 - 2003)

"I would like to send my heartfelt greetings to all the organizers and participants of the Tureck International Bach Competition for Pianists. As we all know, Bach is the cornerstone of the classical music who greatly influenced every single composer after him up to this day. Fortunately for us, Bach left a vast legacy of piano music which has been an integral part of every young pianist's education --and at the same time, one of the greatest challenges for most professional pianists. I believe that this Competition is a wonderful undertaking and hope that it will exist for many years to come."

   - Evgeny Kissin

Board of Directors

Golda Vainberg-Tatz, Chair, Artistic Director

Kati Gleiser, Assistant Director

Val Bukrinski

Dan Kahn

Catherine Schwartz

Thomas Hesse

Igor Kissin (In Memoriam)

Advisory Board

Bella Davidovich

Janina Fialkowska

Horacio Gutiérrez

Wu Han

Sharon Isbin

Andre Michel Schub

Jeffrey Swann

Board of Directors

Rosalyn Tureck Through the Years

Evgeny Kissin

Rosalyn Tureck International Bach Competition 2017 ~ Tony Siqi Yun

Our Sponsors

We are grateful to our sponsors, the  Augustine Foundation, Maestro Evgeny Kissin, The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts at The Lincoln Center, 

The Kern Foundation "Aspiration", Steinway and Sons,  Studio UG, Commercial Art Creation Services, Classy Websites, for our Website Design, and The McGraw Hill Financial Young Artist program on WQXR  for their generous support.

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